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Thermal Mass InsulationComposite Global Solutions (CGS) supply a range of insulation products to suit the needs of almost any building. CGS is the sole Australian supplier of the THERMOMASS Insulation System for concrete sandwich panels. CGS also specialise in the supply of rigid foam board insulation for under-soffit and cavity applications. CGS is also a distributor of Glasswool and Rockwool products for medium-heavy duty use.

The Architects & Engineers page will help you specify and approve CGS products for an upcoming project.

Find out more about our range and ways we can help you.


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Concrete Sandwich PanelsFor projects big and small, across any application Composite Global Solutions (CGS) has a solution to Section J headaches for builders and contractors. THERMOMASS is also the original and best insulation system for concrete buildings.

CGS has the most comprehensive range of any distributor, specialising in XPS and PIR rigid foam boards for under soffit insulation , slab and cavity applications. If you’re looking for the best solution for concrete insulation, THERMOMASS is the only tried and tested insulation system for concrete. CGS can also supply a range of Glasswool and Rockwool products for medium-heavy duty applications. In complement to our range insulation, Composite Global also supply an expanding range of tapes and other accessories to complete the job.

Use our Solutions Finder to select the product most suitable to your needs.


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Wall Insulation - THERMOMASSIf you have a building project in mind, the Building Code of Australia (section J), requires that all conditioned spaces be insulated. Talk to CGS about our range of efficient, cost effective range of Extruded Polystyrene and PIR rigid foam boards and Glasswool.

You’ve probably heard by now that CGS is the exclusive Australian supplier of the THERMOMASS insulation system for concrete sandwich panels, which has been saving building costs and energy bills in all kinds of projects for more than 30 years. THERMOMASS Makes Concrete Make Sense.

CGS can help you and your building designers and contractors maximise the return on your investment.


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Precast InsulationIf THERMOMASS or “insulated concrete sandwich panels” have been specified on a job – it’s important to know the facts.

This section is for Precasters and other concrete contractors to properly understand the physics, cost efficiencies and other factors when casting panels for insulated concrete sandwich panel construction.

The THERMOMASS fibre composite connector is the only concrete sandwich panel system connector that has third-party assessed safety and durability assurances. Our certification and evaluation process refined over 30 years gives all stakeholders peace of mind. Be sure to be informed before starting the job.


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About Us

Composite Global Solutions expands our range of environmentally friendly, energy efficient insulation products. More and more projects are using THERMOMASS as the most cost effective, eco-friendly, fire resistant and energy efficient way to insulate sandwich concrete wall panels. Composite Global Solutions now also supply products for a variety of applications… Read more

BCA Section J

Composite Global specialise in the provision of solutions to satisfy and exceed the requirements of BCA Section J. Whether you need insulation for walls, under soffit, cavities, roofs, in slab or almost anywhere, CGS can help. Give us a call to discuss the needs of your building…Read more


Thermomass News

THERMOMASS is used for a range of applications all over Australia. We regularly write about our projects and topics regarding insulation, thermal performance and intellig

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Composite Global Solutions supply a range of solutions for almost any insulation requirement. Our business is built on products we are proud to put our name on…

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In this section you will find a range of information and data for our solutions, as well as resources to help you make decisions about the best way to build and insulate.

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Insulation Solutions for Houses and Buildings


In this part of our website we are proud to share with you the work we have been doing. As an established company, we have a number of projects that showcase the versitil

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