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Insulation – Ease of installation makes sense

CGS range of XPS and PIR rigid foam insulation boards are perfect for under soffit insulation needs. They can also be used in any cavity including roofs and walls. Both the XPS and PIR rigid foam boards require only 4 charge-fired pins for maximum efficiency of installation and long term durability.

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THERMOMASS Makes Sense to More People

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Global insights – Using thermal mass to best effect.

Thermal mass describes the property of a substance where it absorbs heat from the environment. Heat is a form of energy like any other, it can be transferred and stored, but not created nor destroyed. The thermal mass in a building will transfer heat between it and the environment until it reaches equilibrium.

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Why do you need to use THERMOMASS designed and patented connectors?

Only the THERMOMSS System is specified with both the insulation component as well as the connectors that hold together the two layers of the concrete panel.

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