Composite Global Solutions is proud to have a product range, curated through our years of industry experience, that perfectly suits our customers requirements and budget. During our time in the industry we’ve observed many operators providing products that fail to satisfy the Australian construction industry’s best-practice requirements. As such, we ensure all our products are backed by years of industry use. Where possible, we obtain third party accreditation for our products as a guarantee to our customers that our products will perform as promised for the duration of the project’s expected service life.

The THERMOMASS insulation system for concrete sandwich panel construction is the only system of its kind on the market that has a third party quality assurance program and accreditation for the patented composite fibre connectors. For more information on why third-party accreditation is so important for concrete insulation systems, read insights on why you need to use THERMOMASS connectors to protect life, property and reputation,

THERMOMASS is also verified by as a product that is likely to contribute to green building programs such as NABERS, Greens Star and Basix. Products listed on Ecospecifer are listed only under conditions that they exhibit eco-preferable characteristics.