K2 Apartments in Windsor a Benchmark for Passive Design

Recent media coverage regarding the energy efficiency of new homes has called into question the way we design homes to meet modern requirements. Residents of homes demand more and more energy from the influx of gadgets and a decreased tolerance to un-air-conditioned space.

The K2 Public Housing development in Windsor, Victoria, is a benchmark for passive design that makes the most of natural forces to keep the interior of the buildings at a more consistent temperature, reducing the need for extra heating or cooling. Intelligent utilisation the location and the THERMOMASS insulation system for concrete sandwich panels means that the K2 apartments are a highly attractive, comfortable and energy-efficient place to live.

The THERMOMASS insulation system for concrete sandwich panel construction makes concrete make sense. Using a concrete sandwich panel puts the mass of the building on the inside of the thermal envelope, creating a significant heatsink on in the room. This, in combination with good elevation, angles and shading mean that the building is far more thermally efficient than conventional masonry, and in a completely different league to non-masonry structures.

K2 Multi Dwelling Residential - Windsor VIC

What makes THERMOMASS different from other concrete sandwich panel systems is 30 years of application in the US, Australia, China and the Middle East. The fibre-composite connectors used in the THERMOMASS system have been specially designed and third-party tested for durability, strength and compatibility with concrete to prevent cracking and spalling. The THERMOMASS connector comes with a third party evaluation report (ESR-1748) which gives all stakeholders complete “peace of mind”. The last thing owners need is a panel that cracks and delaminates once the structure is up and the builder gone.

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