THERMOMASS is perfect for bulky goods.

One of the big problems with building bulky goods stores like supermarkets and general household is the need to keep the store cool. The other is fixing shelves to the wall. If a store has a up to 5-6 layers of precast concrete, plasterboard, insulation, structural ply, just for the sake of being able to attached shelves, there is much cost and compromise inolvolved.

 Imagine if it we possible to have concrete on the interior and exterior, and have it insulated at the same time? A three layer wall instead of six. THERMOMASS has been the system providing the most sensible and cost effective way to build energy efficient bulky goods stores for over 30 years.

 A THERMOMASS wall is cost neutral compared to other wall assemblies that need to be put together to facilitate large goods stores, warehouses and supermarkets. A THERMOMASS wall contributes to greater energy efficiency, a shorter build time and a greater value building in the long term. THERMOMASS makes concrete make sense.