Apart from saving clients money on energy bills and making new buildings more comfortable, The Building Code of Australia (BCA) Section J requires insulation be installed to improve the thermal performance of all new buildings. CGS specialises in precast concrete and under soffit insulation.Composite Global is ready to help solve Section J headaches with a cost effective, long lasting solution.Our PIR and XPS range is excellent for under-soffit, under-slab, walls, roofs, floors.Composite Global specialises in being able to give the right advice to specifiers in selecting a precast concrete insulation method that meets the code and clients needs for energy efficiency requirements of BCA Section J, and beyond.THERMOMASS Insulated Concrete Panels, when thinking about economy of scale, flexibility and efficient construction time, makes precast concrete sandwich panel construction the intelligent option.THERMOMASS places the insulation between two layers of precast, tilt-up or pour in place concrete in a “sandwich”. This enables the mass of the concrete building to passively regulate temperature as the insulation, further saving energy costs. THERMOMASS is the only system that uses specially designed fibre connectors that vastly reduce cracking, spalling (concrete cancer) and thermal bridging.

THERMOMASS is the most flexible and intelligent way to build and insulate with precast or other forms of concrete. A THERMOMASS Insulated Concrete Sandwich panel for most intents and purposes follows the same architectural and structural principles of a conventional precast concrete or tilt-up concrete panel. The difference is the thermal performance of the building and the speed of building and insulating at the same time.

THERMOMASS Insulated Concrete Sandwich panel has an inner skin of concrete that serves as the structural/load bearing component of the building. The insulation layer and the fibre composite connectors come in between and another layer of concrete, the “skin”. Engineers will need to specify an appropriate thickness of the inner concrete layer to suit the building and wind loads of the building at hand. The QnA document is for Architects and Engineers to be able to understand, design for and specify THERMOMASS Concrete Sandwich Panels for their Section J compliant project. Click here to see all downloadable resources for our Solutions.