THERMOMASS Revisits the Coles ‘Tin Shed’

Back in 2003, Composite Global Solutions became involved in a new ‘Greening of Coles’ initiative between Coles and the Australian Government Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources (ITR). This initiative was established to investigate ways to minimise the environmental impact of a planned Coles supermarket site in Gisborne, regional Victoria. Looking to maximise the energy efficiency of the proposed supermarket’s thermal envelope, Composite Global Solutions was brought on board to supply our Thermomass Insulation System for the project.

Thermomass is an concrete panel insulation system comprised of a highly energy efficient XPS rigid board combined with patented connectors that share the same thermal expansion coefficient as concrete – greatly reducing risk of spalling.

Coles 'Tin Shed'

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Adhering to the regional Victoria theme, the Thermomass concrete precast panels were laid on corrugated iron and given an oxide finish that lent a modern twist to the ‘rural shed’ brief upon erection of the panels.

Recently, Composite Global Solutions had a chance to revisit the site almost a decade to the date of commission. As is evident from the photos, the exterior looks as great as it did when it was built, and the panel surfaces are still in incredible condition despite requiring little to no maintenance from year to year.