Composite Global Solutions has a comprehensive and expanding range of environmentally friendly, energy efficient precast concrete insulation products. Over the years we’ve spent a great deal of time selecting the best products that we’re proud to put our name behind.

Composite Global Solutions has been operating in Australia since 1997. Based in Melbourne, we are an insulation company specialising in precast concrete and under soffit insulation. As a family company,  we understand how important return on investment is to our customers and building owners. The core of our business is providing the right advice and support to complement our very competitively priced products. .

THERMOMASS is a cost effective, eco-friendly, fire resistant and energy efficient way to build and insulate with precast concrete sandwich panels, to not just satisfy Section J, but provide comfortable places to live and work.

Our range of PIR and XPS insulation solutions can be used to satisfy Section J requirements for-soffit linings, carparks, wall cavities and roof applications, offers maximum R-value at industry leading rates. Our PIR and Extruded Polystyrene products are comparable in performance and are lower cost to other well known suppliers of foilboard insulation.

Our MAMMOTH Polyester panels can be used as both thermal insulation to satisfy Section J in soffit lining and interior ceiling applications, as well as acoustic insulation for a two-in-one insulation solution.

Composite Global is always ready to talk to you about your precast concrete and under soffit insulation needs and how to maximise the return on your investment in insulation.

Call us today to discuss your specific insulation needs.

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