Home Owners

With the costs on the rise, and prevalent uncertainty in the property market – how can home owners be more secure about the return on the investment they are making on their new building? From homes to offices, schools, factories and prisons, Composite Global has a solution for your insulation needs.

Our range of cost effective XPS, PIR and Glasswool products can suit almost any thermal or acoustic application, from under-soffit/slab, walls, roofs, floors and sheds. Use the Solutions Finder to get started. CGS is the exclusive Australian supplier of the THERMOMASS insulation system for concrete.

Constructing insulated sandwich panels with concrete is a highly-energy efficient way of using the thermal mass of the concrete on the inside of the building, creating a heat sink that will drastically reduce the cost of heating and cooling the space. THERMOMASS is the perfect insulation system for utilising passive design concepts.

Building with concrete is cost effective and fast. With THERMOMASS, you are insulating the building at the same time as constructing the walls, saving labour costs. The insulation is on the outside of the building’s thermal envelope, which is much more efficient that the “normal” Australian way of leaving the dense mass of masonry on the outside and attempting to insulate from the inside.

Read about using Thermal Mass to best effect and visit the THERMOMASS page to learn more about the world’s first and best way to build concrete sandwich panels. THERMOMASS Makes Concrete Make Sense.