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Want to find the most effective insulation solution for your next project?

Over 25 Years Experience Helping Australians Insulate for a Better Future

For over 25 years, CGS Insulation has been helping Australians specify the most effective insulation solution for their projects. Specialising in concrete and soffit insulation, our innovative products come backed by the most comprehensive technical advice in the industry. 


Still struggling to find the right insulation solution? Not sure which precaster to approach? Need help with detailing of your insulated concrete sandwich panels? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to get in touch and we’ll have your questions answered in no time!


Looking to build the most comfortable living environment possible?

Energy Efficient Comfort

We can help you select the right insulation to ensure your residential project achieves optimum comfort with ongoing energy savings.


Looking for that edge to help your next commercial project stand out in a crowded market?

Future-proofed commercial buildings

Insulate the right way and attract investors with the promise of significant energy savings for the life of the building.


Looking for the best combination of durability and energy efficiency for your next industrial project?

Durability & Energy Efficiency

Our range of insulation solutions will ensure the future maintenance and energy costs of your project will be kept to a minimum.


Want to ensure the lowest maintenance and running costs for your correctional facility project?

High Security, Low Maintenance

CGS is the sole distributor of the Thermomass insulation system, the preferred insulation solution for all new Australian correction facilities.

The THERMOMASS insulation system is the most COST-EFFECTIVE way of INSULATING CONCRETE in Australia since SECTION J was made compulsory in 2012.

Explore Recent Projects

We play a part in creating some of the most innovative, cost-effective and energy-efficient buildings in Australia. Check out some of Australia’s most recent projects to feature our insulation solutions.

Our Core Values

Beyond our exclusive range of insulation solutions, it’s our core values that really sets us apart from the rest.

Latest News

Insulating for the Future

CGS Insulation is committed to help create some of the most comfortable, energy-efficient and cost-effective living, working and industrial spaces in Australia. 

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