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MAMMOTH – Soffit Insulation with Serious Environmentally Friendly Credentials

On the environmental front, not only are Mammoth panels certified by the International Living Future Institute as being Red List Free, but they also contain a significant portion of recycled polyester fibres gathered from recycled polyester fibres and are produced in a near zero waste production process - all this adds up to an insulation panel with serious environmentally friendly credentials.

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MAMMOTH Soffit Insulation Panels – iAccelerate Building, University of Wollongong

The installation of nearly 3000 m2 of Mammoth panels at the University of Wollongong’s new iAccelerate building marks the largest education-based project that Mammoth Soffit Panels have been involved in. The iAccelerate centre is intended as a purpose built space allowing for multiple working configurations while fostering an environment that helps facilitate growth for new businesses.

MAMMOTH Soffit Insulation Panels – Acoustic and Thermal performance in one panel

Builders and architects alike have recognised the benefits of Mammoth Soffit Panels as excelling at being both a thermal insulator and an acoustic treatment. Furthermore, the semi-rigid fibre construction of Mammoth panels allow for a seamless, organic finish that is far more aesthetically pleasing than most harsh PIR foil or fibre-faced panels available on the Australian market today.

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THERMOMASS Concrete Insulation System – Ravenhall Prison Project

Work is well underway at the new Ravenhall Prison Project. Located in Deer Park, 30km out from Melbourne’s CBD, the project aims to bolster Victoria’s inmate capacity by 1000-1300 prisoner places and will utilise the Thermomass Insulation System for all precast sandwich panels, in what amounts to the largest Thermomass project in Australia to date, over 15,000 m2 will be installed by the project’s completion in late 2017.

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