Building insulation is an incredibly important component of any new build. THERMOMASS insulation for concrete sandwich panels is the quick and simple solution to saving time and money on-site. With all the usual benefits of precast or tilt-up concrete construction, THERMOMASS panels are insulated at the time of casting, avoiding extra labour and trades on site.

With the high amount of thermal mass on the inside of the building, the thermal performance is far and away superior to standard plasterboard/stud wall construction. THERMOMASS is a better product and no more expensive to install. THERMOMASS is the solution to BCA Section J requirements and will add long term value to any building.

MAMMOTH - Acoustic Insulation - building insulation THERMOMASS - Concrete Insulation - building insulation

THERMOMASS insulated concrete sandwich panels are the original and best way to insulate concrete walls. The superior XPS insulation and the high thermal mass in the walls means a highly energy efficient structure.  In addition to fast construction times, THERMOMASS is the best solution for building and concrete insulation such as educational spaces.

MAMMOTH Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Panels are made from 100% lofted thermally bonded polyester fibres. The panels are designed to improve thermal and acoustic performance of under soffit for residential and commercial buildings which will enhance well-being and comfort for the occupants.

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