Correctional Facilities

Concrete panels constructed using the THERMOMASS Insulation System are the perfect solution to the challenge of building highly energy efficient, high occupancy, repetitive floor plan buildings such as correctional facilities. The THERMOMASS system utilises the thermal mass of concrete to passively maintain the comfortable living conditions essential to ensuring optimal inmate behaviour.   THERMOMASS insulated concrete is quick to install and cost effective.

THERMOMASS insulated concrete sandwich panels are the original and best way to insulate concrete walls. The superior XPS insulation and the high thermal mass in the walls means a highly energy efficient structure.  In addition to fast construction times, THERMOMASS is the best solution for building and concrete insulation such as educational spaces.

Below is a range of links that highlight our involvement in the construction of major medical and correctional facilities across Australia:


THERMOMASS & Precast Concrete Modular Construction

Modular precast concrete construction has started to make its way to Australian shores as builders recognise the benefits of speedy construction and low quality variance in helping them save money and improve their bottom line.

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THERMOMASS Concrete Insulation System – Ravenhall Prison Project

Work is well underway at the new Ravenhall Prison Project. Located in Deer Park, 30km out from Melbourne’s CBD, the project aims to bolster Victoria’s inmate capacity by 1000-1300 prisoner places and will utilise the Thermomass Insulation System for all precast sandwich panels, in what amounts to the largest Thermomass project in Australia to date, over 15,000 m2 will be installed by the project’s completion in late 2017.

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THERMOMASS Modular Precast Construction Is The Future

Composite Global Solutions is excited to announce we’ve partnered with RW Australia Pty Ltd as an exclusive supplier of the THERMOMASS precast concrete insulation system to be used in the construction of their modular precast units.

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THERMOMASS – Other Correctional Facilities

THERMOMASS gained significant traction in the US owing to the properties that make it perfect for correctional facilities, and has since been used with great success by Composite Global & affiliate’s customers here in Australia and Dubai.

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