XPS-zero is a high quality, Australian manufactured extruded polystyrene board with zero ODP. XPS-zero is comparable in quality and physical properties to many well-known international XPS products such as Styrofoam and Foamular. Being manufactured here in Australia means we are able to fulfill orders with minimal lead times. 

Satisfying Section JXPS - zero (alt font)

XPS-zero is specified in a range of applications to assist in complying with Section J of the Building Code of Australia. XPS-zero has many applications such as built up roofs, cavity walls, slab-on-ground. providing excellent thermal efficiency and total moisture resistance.

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Easy to Handle and Install

XPS-zero is rigid, has a high compressive strength, yet remains lightweight, easy to handle and cut to size. XPS is easily installed, usually with acrylic based adhesives and/or fastening pins.

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Safe and Healthy

XPS-zero is closed cell foam, meaning it is resistant to moisture and vapour penetration. In other types of insulation (especially expanded polystyrene), moisture penetrates in between the “bubbles” of the insulation and invites mould, as well as the general deterioration of the insulative properties of the product. Extruded polystyrene does not share this weakness.

Economical and Effective

XPS-zero retains its shape and thermal conductivity values over time without using external faces or other enhancements.

Composite Global is able to supply XPS-zero  at very competitive rates. We specialise in the satisfaction of Section J and the needs of owners and specifiers in sourcing premium quality products with the unparalleled service and advice.

Summary R-Value Table

R-Value Summary

Other thicknesses are available by special order.

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