Introducing our latest PIR product – Durasheath 3

With DURASHEATH (DS3), we think we’ve found the perfect PIR solution for satisfying Section J requirements in car parks.

What sets our PIR Durasheath-3 product apart from the competition is it’s unique inorganic polymer coated matte glass facer that gives the impression of a concrete ceiling when installed.

Durasheath is the only way to fulfill both insulation requirements and aesthetic appeal in under soffit areas! If you would like to learn more about DS3 please follow the link to download our Durasheath data sheets.

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What is Polyisocyanurate (PIR)?

Polyisocyanurate is an evolution of polyurethane. It is stronger and has greater thermal resistance. In fact, PIR offers the highest R-value of any material per thickness. Combined with a foil facing, the joins between PIR boards can be taped after other services have been installed, giving a tidy solution for visible areas such as car park under soffit.

  • Under soffit/car park insulation
  • Cavity walls
  • Flooring
  • Some roof applications.

Composite Global supply 3 varieties of PIR, which are available in a variety of thicknesses and finishes.

  • Thermasheath-3: For highest performance.
  • Durasheath – 3: Looks like concrete for best aesthetic results.

High Thermal Performance

Thermaseath-3 PIR is a superior car park insulation. When covered in one of a variety of facings, PIR offers very high thermal resistance relative to the thickness of the product.

Click here to see  technical data sheets for Thermasheath 3 and Eco-Max, Durasheath.

Healthy and Clean

PIR is moisture repellent, resisting mould and helping to retain the insulative properties throughout the life of the product.

PIR carries a BCA Group Classification 1 for fire safety.

Greener- ODP Zero

The polyisocyanurate foam manufacturing process is HCFC/CFC free, giving PIR an ODP-zero rating. Composite Global can also supply Eco-Max, which in addition to being ODP-zero, it is made from at least 8% renewable material, further boosting the environmental credentials of the building.

Summary R-Value Table:

Thickness (mm) R Value Thermasheath 3
R Value Eco-Max R Value Durasheath
25.4 (1″) 1.15 1.11 1.05
38.1 (1.5″) 1.73 1.48 1.61
50.8 (2″) 2.30 1.87 2.23
76.2 (3″) 3.46 2.8 3.61
101.6 (4″) 4.62 3.74 4.81

Click to download this data as a PDF for Thermasheath-3, Eco-Max and Durasheath.

For all downloads relating to PIR and its specification see our Downloads page.

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