Here at Composite Global Solutions (CGS), the phone has been ringing off the hook with architects, builders and owners wanting to know more about how THERMOMASS Applications can help their next project achieve a comfortable thermal envelope while significantly reducing the energy consumption and associated costs of heating and cooling.

THERMOMASS is the most intelligent way to integrate the structural, aesthetic and insulation components of a concrete wall to save time and money. This way of insulating from the outside and having a dense mass on the inside of the structure makes concrete make sense.  For these reasons and more, THERMOMASS is the most sensible way to build any concrete structure requiring insulation. See below for more information and links to case studies of how THERMOMASS is creating, attractive, safe, energy efficient built environments.


The “Yardmaster” office building  in the Spencer St Railyards, Melbourne, is an architecturally acclaimed “stunning” concrete structure. Read more

Multi-Dwelling Residential

The K2 Public Housing development in Windsor is a benchmark for passive, energy efficient multi-dwelling design.  Read more
New University of New South Wales Student Accommodation shows how precast concrete, insulated with THERMOMASS  can make a repetitive floor-plan into attractive, highly livable dwellings.  Read more

Schools and Universities

Schools all around Victoria are using THERMOMASS to create comfortable, asthetically harmonious spaces for educating and working. See Clonard College, Geelong West and the way Canterbury University, Christchurch (NZ) created unique learning environments using concrete and THERMOMASS.

Public Buildings – Correctional and Medical

Precast concrete is especially efficient when repetitive floor plans are utilised. This makes it the perfect choice for applications such as hospitals and correctional facilities. Read about Frankston Hospital and the many correctional facilities that have specified THERMOMASS.

Low Density/Single Dwelling Residential

THERMOMASS has been specified in thousands of homes in Australia, Europe, New Zealand and the North America. Fast building time, amazing design possibilities and energy efficiency make building homes with THERMOMASS insulated precast sandwich panels is cost effective and less stressful to everyone concerned. A good Architect who knows precast can make concrete and THERMOMASS an excellent choice for a home that will be minimum cost, and offer maximum return on investment. Read about our most famous home, the “THERMOHOUSE” featured in magazines and on Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens.

Industrial – Cold Storage

THERMOMASS makes an excellent insulator for temperature sensitive applications. Obvious examples are in the wine industry and cold-storage. In fact, the first THERMOMASS building in Australia was a wine storage facility in the ACT.  The National Gallery of Victoria uses a THERMOMASS insulated concrete sandwich panel building to house thousands of precious Australian artworks while they are not on display in the galleries.


Whatever you’re thinking about building, THERMOMASS Makes Concrete Make Sense. Call us to talk about what you want to do and how THERMOMASS insulated concrete sandwich panels can save you time, money and headaches.