THERMOMASS is the original and still the superior insulation system for concrete sandwich panels. Only THERMOMASS uses the specially designed fibre-composite connectors that have the same thermal properties of concrete and superior strength.

THERMOMASS fibre composite connectors, like steel, have the same expansion and contraction coefficients as concrete, reducing cracking and spalling. Unlike steel however, THERMOMASS connectors do no conduct heat in the way that steel does, preventing thermal bridging that can nullify the effect of the insulation.

THERMOMASS fibre composite connectors have superior strength and do not change shape with pressure as plastic connectors do.Plastic connectors have a short service life and will reduce the structural integrity of the building over time. Cracked concrete combined with weak connectors is a recipe for disaster. You wouldn’t use non-certified steel for reinforcements in your concrete, why would you use non-evaluated/certified plastic connectors in sandwich panels? Use THERMOMASS connectors to protect your reputation, but more importantly the life of the occupants of the building. Read more about why you need to use THERMOMASS fibre composite connectors when building concrete sandwich panels.

The THERMOMASS System specifies Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) insulation. Extruded polystyrene is a water resistant rigid foam board insulation, perfect for concrete sandwich panel applications. Expanded polystyrene (EPS), while cheaper, has inferior thermal conductivity properties. The gaps in between the “little balls” of EPS allow moisture to penetrate the foam and will lead to cracking. Expanded polystyrene is an inferior product and the costs of using EPS will grow as the building gets older.

If you are interested in precast insulation and you have not used THERMOMASS before – CGS is eager to talk you through the process. Precasters and concreters who have used THERMOMASS in the past find it to be fast and relatively easy. Whether it’s your first pour or 100th, CGS is always available to assist. Call us if you have queries about a THERMOMASS specification you have recieved.

Mikael - Precast Insulation