Composite Global Solutions is a leading insulation supplier to both the Australian residential and commercial markets. We supply a range of insulation solutions for almost any requirement. Our insulation range presents one of the largest arrays of rigid and under-soffit insulation solutions in the Australian market. Our business is built on  supplying insulation products we are proud to put our name to, backed by service and support that is unrivaled in the industry. Even better, we deliver all of this at highly competitive rates.

The easiest way to get started is to use our Insulation Range Solutions Finder. Choose your application and then select from the list of applicable insulation solutions we offer to read more. Alternatively you can browse our insulation range by selecting an option from the solutions menu above.

Insulation Range Finder

Problem Thermomass MammothTM
XPS-zero Thermasheath 3 Durasheath 3
Section J Compliance
Under Soffit
Concrete Panels
Passive Thermal Regulation
Concrete Slabs
Industrial (plant room, boilers, kilns, etc)
Medium-heavy Duty Thermal Insulation
Fire Rating Class 1
Fire Rating Class 2
Fire Rating Class 3
ISO 9705 Fire Rated
Recycled Content