THERMOMASS insulated concrete sandwich panels found their first use in heavier-duty industrial type insulation applications such as freezers and cold storage. Our XPS-zero product is among others, ideally suited for use as freezer floor insulation in industrial applications due to its high compressive strength. For wall application, THERMOMASS continues to be the preferred solution for quick construction, minimum cost and superior thermal performance.

THERMOMASS - Concrete Insulation - floor insulation XPS-zero - freezer floor insulation

THERMOMASS insulated concrete sandwich panels are the original and best way to insulate concrete walls. The superior XPS insulation and the high thermal mass in the walls means a highly energy efficient structure.  In addition to fast construction times, THERMOMASS is the best solution for building and concrete insulation such as educational spaces.

XPS-zero is the ideal floor insulation for highly trafficable areas subject to large loads. When incorporated into concrete slabs, XPS-zero enhances the thermal envelope of any industrial building. XPS-zero is manufactured here in Australia which means minimal lead times and import cost savings are passed directly on to the customer.

Below we have collected a range of links that showcase the industrial projects our wall and floor insulation products have been involved in: