Insulation Specialists in Integrating Insulation Intelligence

Composite Global Solutions has been operating in Australia since 1997. We are a Melbourne based insulation supplier specialising in providing detailed thermal and acoustic insulation solutions to suit any building application. Our product range places particular emphasis on providing various rigid insulation solutions in a variety of materials – Polystyrene (XPS), Polyester and PIR.

As a family company,  we understand how important return on investment is to our customers and building owners.  As specialists in suppl, the core of our business is in providing the right advice and support to complement our very competitively priced products.

Below is a brief snapshot of some of the products we offer:

  • As Australia’s only supplier of the THERMOMASS precast concrete building insulation system, the original and still the best precast concrete sandwich insulation system, CGS has comprehensive knowledge of the efficiencies and effectiveness of building and insulating precast concrete. Composite Global and our affiliates also supply THERMOMASS to China and the Middle East.
  • XPS-zero is a high quality, Australian manufactured extruded polystyrene board with zero ODP. XPS-zero is comparable in quality and physical properties to many well-known international XPS products such as Styrofoam and Foamular. Being manufactured here in Australia means we are able to fulfill orders with minimal lead times.
  • We are also the sole Australian supplier of the MAMMOTH thermal and acoustic insulation panel, a semi-rigid, recycled polyester panel that offers the same thermal properties as polystyrene sheets, with the added benefit of fantastic acoustic properties. MAMMOTH panels are a truly 2-in-1 thermal and acoustic insulation solution.
  • Composite Global Solutions offers several types of rigid PIR insulation sheets for satisfying Section J in under soffit applications: THERMASHEATH-3 (TS3) is a typical foil-faced PIR board that’s comparable in quality and performance to other well known foilboard products; DURASHEATH-3 (DS3) is an innovative PIR sheet with a matte, fibreglass face that blends seamlessly with the surrounding concrete in carpark applications.

As one of Australia’s leading insulation specialists, our staff bring over 25 years of experience in the insulation and concrete industry and are ready to assist you in finding a solution to suit your insulation needs and budget.

Call us today to discuss your project and how a solution from Composite Global can save you time, money and stress.