Fast, Good or Cheap. As the age old adage goes, pick two of the three. Modular construction, however, may just be the exception to that rule. Having long been a staple of correctional facility construction in the US, modular precast concrete construction has started to make its way to Australian shores as builders recognise the benefits of speedy construction and low quality variance in helping them save money and improve their bottom line.

The recent Ravenhall Prison Project was the first large scale Australian project to utilise this new construction technology in conjunction with the Thermomass insulation system. This unique method of construction allows five sides of a concrete housing unit to be formed in the one mould – with only one pour required.  Once cured, the fully insulated units can then be completely fitted out before being transported to site and then stacked, much like Lego bricks, using tracked gantry cranes. Once locked in place, units need only to be connected to utilities before inhabitants are effectively able to move in.

Modular Unit on Gantry Crane

Offsite construction off the units means other work can occur concurrently onsite, leading to rapid construction progress and speedy erection times – Fast. All modular units are created from a single mould meaning quality variances from unit to unit are highly controlled – Good. Offsite construction means construction materials can be accurately calculated leading to minimal waste. Additionally, offsite construction means less people on site and less disruption to non-modular construction activities, saving you time and money – Cheap.

On a final note, in an industry whose green credentials are often being put under the spotlight, the huge reduction in construction waste-products attained through modular precast construction is hugely beneficial. Not just from a sustainable perspective, but from a marketing point of view as well.

If you’re looking at utilising modular precast concrete construction methods for your next project, call us today and talk with our Technical Director Mikael. With years of involvement in this growing modular concrete construction industry, he can advise you on the best way to go about insulating your new project.

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