Work is well underway at the new Ravenhall Prison Project. Located in Deer Park, 30km out from Melbourne’s CBD, the project aims to bolster Victoria’s inmate capacity by 1000-1300 prisoner places and will utilise the Thermomass Insulation System for all precast sandwich panels.


In what amounts to the largest Thermomass project in Australia to date, over 15,000 m2 will be installed by the project’s completion in late 2017. Thermomass was the natural insulation choice for this project. With the strict guidelines and government legislations surrounding Australian correctional facilities, stakeholders in the project wanted to ensure they chose the insulation with the longest track-record on the Australian market – the Thermomass insulation system.

The Thermomass insulation system is the only precast sandwich panel insulation system available on the Australian market that has been certified by an internationally recognised independent authority (ICC Evaluation Services) and comes with a complementary quality assurance program.

Moreover, the Thermomass concrete insulation system complies with all relevant Australian building codes and meets all aspects of the NCC Specification C1.1: Fire-Resisting Construction criteria – a particularly relevant point in light of the 2013 Lacrosse apartments fire in Docklands resulting from use of untested materials. In fact, Thermomass is the only concrete insulation system on the Australian market for precast concrete sandwich panels that satisfies the NCC Specification C1.1 requirements.

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