Application: Commercial – Office Building
Client/building owner: Innovest Construction WA
Specifier: Innovest Construction WA
Location: Yallingup WA
Requirements: High thermal inertia for passive performance, speed of construction, Section J compliance.
Product supplied: THERMOMASS Insulation System
Completion Date: September 2001
Innovest is a prominent builder in south western Western Australia, specialising in winery functional buildings. Innovest constructed a number of buildings in the region that had THERMOMASS specified as the insulation system for concrete sandwich panels. As a leading constructor of precast concrete buildings, Innovest decided to put their money where their mouth is and build with an insulation system they knew would speed up construction time and offer long-term energy savings, as well as allow a comfortable, attractive base for staff. Set on acreage adjacent a picturesque lake, the sleek lines of the building show the way precast concrete can complement natural surroundings

Innovest knew from experience that insulating precast concrete with THERMOMASS would be fast. They also knew that the placement of a dense thermal mass on the inside of the building would passively regulate the temperature but absorbing and releasing heat energy through diurnal swings. With smart use of shading and ventilation, Innovest now reside in a commercially intelligent building in an envious location (We wish we had a lake!)

Innovest head office on acreage