Application: Educational- Primary School
Client/building owner: St Michael’s Grammar, Melbourne
Specifier: Architectus Melbourne
Location: Melbourne, Vic
Requirements: Energy efficiency, high comfort level and aesthetics
Product supplied: Thermomass TM50 (50mm, walls)
Completion Date: 2008


St Michael’s Grammar ‘s new precast concrete primary school building  facilitates children’s learning, as the “third teacher”. St Michael’s follows the ‘Reggio Emilio’ learning philosophy that places less emphasis on instruction and more on self directed discovery. The versatile learning space, comfortable interior climate, good ventilation, natural light and clean air, make the new building the right place for children to be able to explore and interact with teachers and their peers.Using THERMOMASS insulated precast concrete sandwich panels, the high thermal mass of the building keeps it warm in winter and cool in summer with a minimal of extra heating and cooling. The mass and insulation also provides a good acoustic barrier for other buildings in the vicinity. Architectus again excels at passive design, focusing on the natural features surrounding the building to make an otherwise imposing structure sit comfortably in with the trees and open areas of the school.

 THERMOMASS once again proves its worth in creating comfortable, attractive and functional spaces. THERMOMASS Makes Precast Concrete Make Sense.

St Michael's Grammar SchoolSt Michael's Grammar