The way the world is going these days, it’s important to look to the long term in any decision, regardless of the stake held.

GenY, like it or not, are soon to become major holders of income and wealth in Australia. These people, now aged from twenty into their early thirties, are more and more conscious about the way they spend their money. Although stereotyped as temporary and short term focussed, all this means in the property market is that Gen Y is focused on two things: Comfort and resale value.

A more comfortable home or office means less energy wasted on heating and cooling, and a more pleasant place to be. Places with more constant temperatures are more productive, and mood is as stable as the temperature. All in all – a well insulated home or office with high level of thermal mass make a great sales and tenancy proposition.

THERMOMASS insulated concrete sandwich panels are the original and still the best sandwich panel system. The placement of the insulation on the outside of the envelope leaves a large amount of thermal mass on the inside of the building. The thermal mass passively regulates temperature by absorbing and releasing heat energy around the equilibrium temperature, evening out the peaks and troughs of conditions inside.

THERMOMASS is affordable, safe, reliable and makes scientific and financial sense. Give your new building the edge in comfort and resale value. THERMOMASS Makes Concrete Make Sense.