CGS’s Thermomass XPS insulation is  perfect for under soffit insulation needs. They can also be used in any cavity including roofs and walls.

Thermomass XPS rigid foam boards require only 4 charge-fired pins for maximum efficiency of installation and long term durability.

Some of our competitor’s products recommend eleven pins per board of roughly the same size, and recommend that the holes for these pins be pre-drilled, and the pin then hammered in. We cannot fathom the extra time and effort it must take to install these boards, and what the justification for so much extra labour could possibly be.

CGS is a family owned and run company with a lean profile. We do not spend money on fancy video presentations, and we only recommend the product that best fits the specification and the BCA Section J. We don’t recommend products and practices that will waste time, money and resources.

Our size is our strength. This means we can comfortably supply any amount of product, anywhere in Australia with minimal lead times. It means we can offer a better price on superior products.  Our technical knowledge of the chemistry, physics, practicality, engineering and economy of all kinds of insulation applications is unparalleled, meaning you get the best product for the right price every time.

Installation guides for our XPS products can be found under Downloads.