Concrete is the most abundant man made substance on earth. It’s almost anywhere you can think of.

Building activity is slowing at the moment in Australia. Now more than ever it is crucial that the investment made in any new construction project is going to install long term value in the building that will withstand market movements.

 Insulated precast concrete sandwich panels using THERMOMASS are insulated in the precast factory and arrive on site ready for install. No extra insulation or studwall and plasterboard are required. Not only is this time consuming step eradicated – the resulting sandwich panel is more energy efficient by exposing the interior to a large amount of thermal mass. Thermal mass is key in passively regulating temperature by evening out diurnal swings.

 THERMOMASS insulated precast concrete sandwich panels cost no more than conventional methods, and have a longer term value due to their superior performance. THERMOMASS is the only intelligent way to build and insulate with precast concrete