At THERMOMASS head office in Melbourne, constant outside ambient temperatures are rare.

In the summer months, the unbearable heat is nullified by the effectiveness of the thermal mass provided by the design of the precast or tilt-up concrete in an insulated THERMOMASS concrete sandwich wall.

 The concrete mass on the inside of the insulation envelope absorbs the heat as it comes inside through the windows, meaning the temperature in the room is kept more constant during the day. Even after 4 days of 35 degree days outside, the office temperature is kept around 24 degrees with a minimum of air conditioning.

 THERMOMASS is the best way to minimise CO2 emissions from unnecessary air condition and heating. THERMOMASS is the only concrete sandwich wall system that has been in use for over 30 years and comes with the reassurance of reinforced connectors and third party evaluations.

 THERMOMASS makes concrete make sense. Talk to a precaster or tilt-up concrete contractor about how to design with concrete.