With the weather now starting to heat up, air conditioners around Australia will be working harder to keep temperatures artificially low. Many staff members take cardigans to work in summer months to avoid the chilly conditions they experience with the thermostat turned as low as it will go.  

The difference between a cool building and a comfortable one is very important. The right temperature improves productivity and mood.  If the building has a large, well insulated amount of thermal mass, the temperature on the inside is more consistent throughout the day, without the need for extra cooling. The thermal mass means that the temperature is passively regulated, absorbing and releasing heat energy throughout the day. Everyone inside can leave the cardigan at home and get on with their work. 

  The importance of interior environments is a growing concern among savvy buyers and tenants in residential and commercial markets. If the building is of high value to the occupant, then it must be of high value to the developer. It pays to think about the long term comfort and sustainability of a new structure to maximise return on investment.  

THERMOMASS concrete sandwich panels are the original and best way to create a cost effective, highly energy efficient building with high levels of thermal mass. THERMOMASS is no more expensive than a conventional precast slab and plasterboard wall assembly and the thermal performance is far superior. THERMOMASS is the best way to make a comfortable, high value space for occupants well into the future.